Remote monitoring

What is HACCP?

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At present, quality compliance and the corresponding response times in the event of deviation from the expected operational data (e.g. target temperatures of the goods) play an essential role. This can be technically implemented using a remote monitoring system.

Dixell/Emerson offers a number of specific solutions with a comprehensive range of products, starting from thermostats via multifunctional controllers and remote monitoring systems, up to call centre for centralized systems. The XWEB remote monitoring and alarm management system takes over the legally required HACCP recording, and provides the Customer with additional significant advantages: minimized service operations thanks to remote access, energy optimisation due to constant monitoring, rapid response thanks to alarm management, etc.

XWEB300 and XWEB500 are recording and monitoring systems in accordance with HACCP guidelines. The XWEB300 and XWEB500 are complete systems for monitoring and recording of measured data in the food and pharmaceutical industry, data centres, hospitals, petrol stations, etc. They are used for remote maintenance, i.e., for example, remote access to the temperature, humidity, or pressure control units.