24/7 Kälte-Klima Hotline

Our service center for mobile and stationary refrigeration and air conditioning technology is available 24/7 via our emergency hotline +49 (0) 711 65883-60.

24/7 Kälte-Klima Hotline

Cool + Call GmbH, Fellbach, is a service provider for mobile and stationary refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Our service center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via our emergency hotline +49 (0) 711 65883-60.

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24/7 Kälte-Klima Hotline

Cool + Call GmbH offers you a comprehensive service in the refrigeration and air conditioning area around the clock and throughout Germany. You can reach our service team on the hotline +49 (0) 711 65883-60 365 days a year – day and night. We are your emergency call center for refrigeration and air conditioning.

One contact nationwide

Cool + Call GmbH is characterized by a nationwide network of experienced refrigeration specialists with fast response times and central coordination. You benefit from one contact for all your refrigeration needs. Thus, you receive the best possible service – around the clock.

Maintenance, servicing

Regular maintenance has a significant influence on the longevity and energy efficiency of your refrigeration and air conditioning system. We offer you professional maintenance that increases the longevity of your system, reduces operating costs and increases the operational reliability of your system.

Commissioning, assembly, disassembly

Auch die effektivste Kälte- und Klimaanlage erfordert eine fachkompetente Inbetriebnahme. Ein auf die Anwendung optimiertes Funktions-verhalten einer Anlage erzielt ein  Höchstmaß an Effizienz. Sprechen Sie mit uns über die Aus-legung Ihrer Anforderung! Gerne unterbreiten wir ein Angebot, übernehmen die fachgerechte Montage sowie die Inbetriebnahme. Unsere Synergien sind Ihr Profit.

Repair, leak test

The operator obligations for stationary refrigeration and air conditioning systems with a refrigerant charge of 3 kg or more include regular leak testing by certified personnel. We will be happy to carry out proper maintenance, repair and leak testing of your refrigeration system if required.

Remote monitoring, remote maintenance

We not only offer you the professional installation on site and the quick repair of your refrigeration and air conditioning. In addition, if required, we can take over the remote monitoring to ensure that your chiller runs smoothly.

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“At the present time, quality compliance and response times in the event of deviations from expected conditions are essential, and this can be technically implemented by using a remote monitoring system.” Especially in the food industry, remote monitoring of refrigeration systems is an indispensable tool. and alarm management systems from, we can provide significant benefits to the customer: adoption of regulatory HACCP records, minimized remote service deployment, continuous monitoring energy optimization, and rapid alarm management response. ”



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